Polypropylene terminal

Polypropylene terminal

After the expansion of the terminal, it can process up to 120 000 tons of polypropylene per year. Total area of the Polypropylene terminal is 62 000 square meters, and all facilities were provided to avoid damage to polypropylene from the weather conditions in the terminal.

The length of the berth is 750 meters, also it can simultaneously accept up to 3 vessels with a cargo capacity of up to 5000 tons. The terminal has a closed warehouse to store polypropylene and polyethylene products with an area of 18 750 square meters.

Time spent on loading and unloading operations (full operation) in stable weather conditions.

Polipropilen terminaly:

Unloading of polypropylene from ship – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes  Loading of polypropylene to ship – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Unloading of polypropylene from vehicle – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Loading of polypropylene to vehicle – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Note: All polypropylene goods are calculated in a palletized manner (1 pallet 1 tons)

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