Polypropylene terminal

One of the important production facilities founded by our Esteemed President at the regional and international level is the Gas Chemical Complex, designed for the production of 386 thousand tons of polyethylene and 81 thousand tons of polypropylene annually in the town of Gyyanly on the Caspian coast.

This product has an important place in the list of petroleum products produced in Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery Complex. There is a great demand for this product in the world markets.

120,000 tons of polypropylene will be shipped per year from International seaport through the expansion of the terminal.

After the expansion operation, all facilities were provided to avoid damage to polypropylene from the weather conditions in the terminal, which occupies 62.000 square meters area now.

At the same time, the steel-rail port cranes with 64 tons capacity and 17 meters turning angle will carry out the loading and unloading of three 5000 DWT cranes at the terminal.

Time spent on loading and unloading operations (full operation) in stable weather conditions.

Polipropilen terminaly:

Unloading of polypropylene from ship – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes  Loading of polypropylene to ship – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Unloading of polypropylene from vehicle – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Loading of polypropylene to vehicle – 1 pallet 2,3 minutes

Note: All polypropylene goods are calculated in a palletized manner (1 pallet 1 tons)


Closed warehouse of the polypropylene terminal
The total area is 12000 m2

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