Container Terminal

One of the most important terminals in the Turkmenbashi International Seaport is the Container terminal. Widely used in terms of convenience and facilities in transportation and logistics system in today’s world as well containers will be transported on highway and railway, in Turkmenbashi International Seaport.

The container terminal is designed as 400 000 TEU/year (TEU – conditional standard container). The terminal’s wharf length is 480 meters. In this wharf, loading and unloading of three 5000 DWT ships can be carried out at the same time.

Cranes installed to load and unload containers in the terminal that are of high quality technologies designed to load and unload containers of various weight and type. Two STS cranes are designed for containers weighing up to 40 tons. Containers unloaded from ships are transported to general container area, railway wagons or container vehicles through 6 wheeled bridged cranes and 2 bridge cranes moving on steel rails. In order to transport the containers, 22 cargo trucks with 50 and 25 tons of carrying capacity are deployed in the terminal.

Container yard for 9080 units is provided for storing containers arriving at the terminal. This area will served by 2 empty container stackers and 6 loaded container stackers. With total area of 249.000 square meter.

Time spent on loading and unloading operations (full operation) in stable weather conditions.

Container terminal:

Unloading of container from ship – 4 minutes

Loading of container to ship – 6,6 minutes

Unloading of container from vehicle – 7,5 minutes

Loading of container to vehicle – 7,5 minutes


Closed warehouses of the container terminal
2 warehouses of the same area
Total area 9980 m2

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