3rd meeting of the Turkmen-Pakistani Joint Working Group on Transport

     On March 11, 2021, was held the 3rd meeting of the Turkmen-Pakistani Joint Working Group in the office building of the “Turkmendenizderyayollary” agency.
     During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of transport cooperation between the two countries and issues related to its development.
     In the meeting, delegation of Turkmen side was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the “Turkmenavtoulaglary” agency W. Hojanepesov. The delegation of Pakistan was headed by the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Communications of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Muhammad Salman.
     During the meeting, the parties discussed the state of relations in the field of transport and exchanged views on transport and trade cooperation in the period following the second meeting.
     They also shared their experiences on the preventive measures introduced to disrupt international freight traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic.
     The parties also discussed cooperation in the field of shipping, the possibility of transporting cargo of Pakistan’s seaports through Turkmenistan to Central Asian and Caucasus countries, the exchange of experience between the two countries’ seaports, and investment in shipbuilding.
     The Turkmen side stated that it had all the means to transport cargo from Pakistan’s seaports to the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus and was ready to work in this regard, and conveyed the proposal to take advantage of that opportunity.
     At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed that the venue and the exact date of the next, 4th meeting of the Turkmen-Pakistani Joint Working Group on Transport should be agreed through diplomatic channels.
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